What is a residency?  Simply put, an artist or other specialist is brought into school to execute an enrichment program of their area of expertise at a school during school hours.  While there, the guest educator works with students on a project or area of study.

JP PTO spends more than $40,000 on residencies alone for Johnson Park!

Your P.T.O. dues fund a robust group of arts, history and science residencies.  Our students work directly with specialists to enrich their classroom experiences.  Thank you to all parents who support these residences through your P.T.O. dues and participation in the P.T.O.’s fundraising activities.

Planned 2017-18 Residencies

All grades:  Naturalist (TBD).  Hands-on, interdisciplinary program integrating the JP campus and Stony Brook into the school’s curriculum.  Full year.

All grades:  Garden (Deborah Gries).  Hands-on, interdisciplinary program integrating the JP garden into the school’s curriculum.  Full year. Check out our “In Our Garden” newsletter for more information.

Grades 3-5 Language Learning classes:  Language Arts and Movement (Christine Colosimo).  Children use movement to tell a retell a story, enhancing language skills.  April (four weeks).

Grades K and 1 plus all-school assembly:  Rhythmic Connections (Mary Knysh).  Students get in touch with their inner musician through improvisation tools and techniques.  Program includes an exploration of the musical heritage and traditions of many lands. One day in January and four days in May.

Grade 1:  Lenape Lifeways.  Students learn about traditional Lenape culture.  Includes stories and touchable objects and artifacts, including authentic clothing, tools, musical instruments, artwork, masks and games.  November.

Grades K and 2:  Writing and Illustrating (Dar Hosta).  Children compose and illustrate poems, working alongside an author/illustrator to build creativity and confidence.  March (two days).

Grade 2:  Performance Workshop (Christine Colosimo).  Integrated arts project – students read multiple versions of a story (e.g., Peter and the Wolf) or explore a theme (e.g., insects, weather), then develop it through, art class, and movement.  Students integrate all elements together in a performance (30 hours and 2 assemblies). Winter.

Grade 3:  Gen. George Washington  (Samuel Davis).   George Washington impersonator presents a program on the Revolutionary War, including the battle of Princeton.  June.

Grade 3 and Mrs. Park’s class:  Poetry Writing (Luray Gross).   Workshops encourage students to discover the magic in language.  January (four days).

Grade 4:  From the Page to the Stage: Poetry and Performance (Anndee Hochman/ Lamont Dixon).  A professional poet guides students in writing several types of poetry, and a professional poet and performance artist teaches them techniques to perform their original works of poetry for an audience.  The program culminates in an evening performance.  May-June (approx. five days).

Grade 5:  McCarter Theatre.  Students will read a youth version of a Shakespeare play, learn acting techniques, and complete related writing assignments; students will perform the play in a school-wide assembly and in an evening performance.  Spring (approx. one month).