What is a Party Board?

A Party Board is an event donated by a host or hosts to support our P.T.O. Residency Programs and have fun at the same time.  Think dinner party, movie outing or children’s crafting session.

Silent auction items are sold to the single highest bidder purchases the event. But Party Boards create community because they offer the chance for JP families to get to know each other better through out the year by creating a unique social calendar of events that are both fun as well as raise money. You will have the chance to purchase tickets to an amazing, diverse calendar party-board events on a first-come, first-served basis when you attend the Annual Fall Fundraising Event, usually held in late September or early October. Tickets are priced and sold as either individual, couple or family slots and are clearly marked. At the end of the evening, you will leave the event after check-out, where checks or credit cards are accepted, with an amazing list of year long social engagements for both you and your child/ren at JP to look forward to!

Be fore warned: Many Party Boards sell-out the night of the event….many times within minutes! If you are unable to attend the Annual Fundraiser, refer to “Party Board Rules” for more information about hiring a proxy for the evening. If there are remaining slots available after the event, those slots are available for purchase through out the remaining school year and will be promoted through routine school announcements. Don’t take the chance of missing out of your first choice events, plan on attending the Annual Fundraiser!


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