Party Board Procedures

Upon arrival, you will be greeted at check-in where you will receive a folder and draw your time slot to enter the party-board sign-up room. At that time, you can sign-up for a single, first-choice event.  These time slots will be chosen randomly from a closed container.  Each family may draw only once. Attendees will not be allowed to reserve a party board slot before 7:00 PM.

Each attendee will receive a pre-printed labels in their folder at check-in with their family’s name, e-mail address, and/or phone number.  The labels will be used to sign each individual up for an event slot. For example, if signing up for a couples event, you would take two slots using a label for each individual. There will be space provided on the label to specify a child’s name (if desired).

A pre-printed list of all party boards offered will also be in the folder for your convenience to check-off the events you purchase through out the night.  Please check-off each event you purchase by placing a label/s on the reservation sheets.  This will ensure a speedy check-out at the end of the night.  The party board reservation sheet and your individual check-off list must match or you will not be guaranteed a slot in that event because you will not be charged for the slot.

CoolVines has provided a pre-printed order form in your folder to list the available wines and beers in the tasting.  Turn this form in at check-out to pre-order all your favorite wines/beers.  CoolVines will contact each person to verify and finalize orders after the event.

At about 7:30 PM, party board sign-up room will open up for all attendees to sign up for the remaining open event slots.

Party-board events have a maximum number of attendees and a fixed price per individual or couple.  All party board reservations must be paid in full at check-out on the evening of the Annual Fall Fundraiser.

Please be sure to sign-up on the event board itself before you pay for your event or we may not be able to honor your reservation and we’ll have to return your payment.

Party-board chair people or hosts are unable to make reservations for others. If you’re unable to attend the party but would like to make a party board reservation that night, please contact Shazia Manekia at  There will be a limited number of proxies.  We’ll have a proxy available for you to sign-up for your selections that night.  Please remember: this option is only available if you have paid to attend the Fall Fundraiser. We will send home a notice listing events, if any, that still have space available after the event.  We’ll fill these on a first-come basis.

Once an event is full, a waiting list for that event will be created.  We encourage people to sign-up even for a waiting list, as plans sometimes change and a spot may become available.

All sales are final.   If you’re unable to attend an event for which you’ve paid and you want to be reimbursed, it’s your responsibility to sell your slot.  If there is a wait list, we’ll provide it to you.

Each event is presented “as is,” with a set date and time.  Guests are responsible for reading carefully any specifications or limitations.

By his or her purchase, the buyer waives any claims for liability against either the school or the P.T.O., and neither the school nor the P.T.O. are responsible for any personal injuries or damage to property that may result from the utilization of the property or services sold.

A reservation is incomplete until the subscriber pays for it in full with cash, a personal check or credit card.  Please make checks payable to the Johnson Park P.T.O. (JP P.T.O.).


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