Corporate Matching

Thank you to the families representing Bank of America, BlackRock,  Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Tyco. We appreciate the time taken to register the Johnson Park P.T.O. in order to have the company match donations.

Does your company offer Corporate Matching?

Most employers have Corporate Matching Gift Programs that will match donations made to not-for-profit organizations like the JP P.T.O.

It’s easy! Log on to your corporate HR website and search for ‘Corporate Gift Matching’ or similar wording.  Under the list of organizations, search for Johnson Park Parent-Teacher Organization Inc. If you do not see our name, you may need to register using these details:

Johnson Park Parent Teacher Organization

285 Rosedale Rd

Princeton NJ 08540


Tax ID : 223248906

Once you have established your donation with your company, I will be able to verify your donation and help with the process.  If your company requires JP PTO to acknowledge the donation to receive matching funds, please send an email to make sure we do so!

Thank you for supporting the Johnson Park P.T.O.

Jessica Viera

JP P.T.O. Treasurer

Simple. Fast. Easy.


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