Our PTO is a lot more than cupcakes – not to say we don’t love cupcakes!  The P.T.O. plans on spending over $60,000 this year, or $180 per child.  Here is an overview of what our fundraising efforts fund each year:

  • $40,000+ annually on PK-5 residency programs enhancing our children’s education, featuring programs with McCarter Theatre, author and illustrator Dar Hosta, a naturalist, performance artist Mary Knysh, award-winning poet Luray Gross, garden educator Wendy Parker, a special fifth grade trip to Broadway and Gettysburg, and more.
  • A $150 annual grant to all teachers to defray part of their out-of pocket expenses for essential extras in the classroom ($6,000 total).
  • $2,000+ annually on Programs for Children, like our Field Days and fifth grade memory book.
  • $1,500+ annually on Programs for Staff and Families, like our New Family Open House, fall and spring picnics,  JP Festival of the Arts, and Staff and Family Appreciation Luncheon.

Now that you know what we fund, you are probably wondering how you can support our PTO.  There are many ways to support our PTO, and all contributions, whether of time or money, are equally valuable.  Here are some ways to help:

  • Volunteer:  There are many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year, from room parent to helping with field day. Reach out to one of our officers for more information.
  • Stay Tuned: As your schedule allows, attend monthly PTO meetings to learn about what is going on and share your thoughts.  At some point during the year, introduce yourself to one of our officers. They would love to meet you, hear your thoughts, and yes, occasionally, grab your arm to try and get you more involved.
  • Donate! Every penny counts! Pay your voluntary PTO dues at Back-to-School night.  Support our annual Fall Fundraiser! In addition, throughout the year, there are many other ways to support our PTO, ideas which you’ll hear at meetings and via backpack mail.