Naturalist Residency:  New Jersey Wildlife Assembly

On Wed., Dec. 17th, our children attended an assembly as part of the Johnson Park P.T.O.’s naturalist-in-residence program.  A wildlife advocate from the Mercer County Wildlife Center brought an Eastern screech owl, red-tailed hawk, Virginia opossum, and a great horned owl, to the school as “animal ambassadors” to share with grades PK-2 and grades 3-5.

The Mercer County Wildlife Center rehabilitates ill, injured, or displaced wildlife, and releases them back into their natural habitats.  Students were enthralled to see elements of their science curriculum in living, hooting, feathered, and furry color.

Thank you for your support of this and our other residency programs through your P.T.O. dues and participation in our P.T.O.’s fundraising activities.  Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Happy Holidays,

Mara Olmstead

P.T.O. V.P. for Residencies

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