Be a STAR by getting a STAR

At Johnson Park Elementary School, we seek opportunities to teach our youngsters the importance of reaching out to others. This holiday season, we’re asking our children’s help in assisting people whom others may forget. Wish Upon a Star! is a project dedicated to helping seniors who either have no family in the area or have no family at all. Most of the seniors receive few personal visits during the year.

We’ve hung stars in our lobby describing such folks—their first names and their ages, and small, inexpensive gifts they’ve requested for the holidays (slippers, a blanket, a sweater).

If you’re able to help, please do the following:

  1. Choose and take a star (adults only).
  2. Sign your name or your child’s name next to the  star name on the chart
  3. Buy and wrap the gift; attach the star to it by Tue., Dec. 16th, return the gift to JP.

Thanks for your generosity in helping cheer those less fortunate than we.

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